This page provides links to a select number of archaeological reports and publications.


1. Gardening to Prosperity: The history and archaeology of Chan Dah Chee and the Chinese market garden at Carlaw Park, Auckland.  2013.  Finding our Recent Past: Historical Archaeology in New Zealand.  Campbell, M., S. Holdaway and S. Macready (eds).  NZ Archaeological Association Monograph 29.

Gardening to Prosperity: Adamson and Bader 2013

2. Bader, H-D.  2013.  Report on S-18 Investigation of S15/103 – Orakau Pa Authority # 2013/276.  Unpublished report prepared for Waipa District Council by Archaeology Solutions Ltd.



1. Adamson and Bader, 2011.  Kong Foong Yuen 江风园 – the Garden of Prosperity, Final Report on the Archaeological Excavations at Carlaw Park, Auckland, Authority #2007-48.  Unpublished report prepared for Haydn and Rollett. Archaeology Solutions Ltd.



1. Fraser [Adamson], J 2002.  The Domestic Front: An Archaeological Investigation of the Albert Barracks Ceramics Assemblage. Unpublished Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Dissertation, Anthropology Department, University of Auckland

Janice Fraser [Adamson] 2002. The Domestic Front